"One of our major goals was to maintain the character of the original home throughout the addition.  Packey reproduced architectural details faithfully on both the exterior and interior of the home, and today visitors to our home often comment about how well the new portion of the home blends with the old; most cannot figure out where the early 20th century house ends and the early 21st century addition begins."

"We met with several builders before selecting Packey for our project.  He got the job for several reasons.  His bid was competitive and in line with most of the other builders.  Equally important was the fact that we felt we were most likely to get high-quality work by doing business with Packey rather than with one of the other builders."

We continue to be very, very pleased with the results of our addition/renovation and our experience with Acorn Custom Builders and Mr. Packey A'Hearn.  During the few years that have passed since the completion of Acorn's work our home has won a local award for the best renovation of an older home, and has been used twice as the location of a photo shoot for a national retailer's Halloween and Christmas print advertisements.

David & April, Naperville


"My wife and I purchased a home and decided to undertake a complete renovation with an addition.  We interviewed a half dozen contractors, reviewed their portfolios and spoke with their references.  We had seen some of Packey A'Hearn's work before we met him and were impressed by the level of detail and quality craftsmanship.  After meeting Packey wer were struck by his honesty and passion for his work.  We were confident that we could trust him with our project."

One of the most difficult aspects of a major renovation is selecting the right contractor.  The root of this decision is trust.  As a homeowner you sort through an endless supply of contractors that are capable of completing your project, you must decide who you can trust with your vision and your budget.  Selecting a contractor is a little like selecting a heart surgeon, you wouldn't just open the phone book and pick the cheapest one.

“Packey has the knowledge and experience to successfully guide you through all aspects of a renovation, both large and small.  For example, we handed him a picture of how we wanted an existing fireplace to be reworked and I’ll be damned if it didn’t look BETTER than the picture we gave him.  He does incredible finish work and pays great attention to the little details.  If you look at a lot of renovations like we had, you will see that details make or break the job.  Packey is top notch.”

  “Our home renovation was very complex and involved numerous sub-contractors.  Every member of the team that worked on our project did so with the highest level of craftsmanship.  More importantly, they all showed a tremendous amount of respect for Packey.”  

Packey was very competitive on price and helpful in saving money without compromising the job along the way.  I can truly say that Packey was looking out for us and not himself throughout the job.  Once our job was underway, the job site was always impeccably clean and organized.  Packey was informative without being pushy and completed the job as promised on time.   He over-delivered on every occasion and made several small upgrades without us even asking.  I’ll end by saying I am a VERY particular person (ask Packey) and I was very happy with every aspect of the job he did for us.  I would encourage you to call any of Packey’s references and discuss in detail what a great job he does and why he is the person you should select for your renovation.”

Todd & Deidre, Naperville


"We were lucky enough to find Packey A'Hearn of Acorn Custom Builders and began a working relationship that has spanned more than five years and three remodeling projects to date.  In every instance the outcome of the renovations has exceeded our expectations and has added greatly to the livability and value of our home.  We approached each remodeling project with the goal of enhancing yet protecting the unique and historic qualities of the house we own, and blending the new with the old as seamlessly as possible.  Packey is a builder of great personal and professional integrity whose work and philosophy have supported this goal.  His company exhibits beautiful craftsmanship and high standards, as well as the flexibility ans patience to ensure that we get exactly what we want.  Packey A'Hearn has earned our trust as a builder of the utmost quality, and we could not recommend him or Acorn Custom Builders more highly."

Jim & Barbara, Naperville


Acorn Custom Builders is the only builder I would trust for any scope building project that I might have in the future.  I'm a designer in the Naperville area, and have worked with many builders in the western suburbs as well as Chicago, and I've not found anyone that measures up to Packey A'Hearn.

Packey A'Hearn's attention to detail, and craftsmanship, is only surpassed by his honesty and integrity.  That combination is hard to find in this industry.  Acorn Builders has helped us bring our dream house to a reality.

Margaret & David, Naperville


"Working with you was the best experience we could have imagined.  I can't thank you enough for helping us with this project.  You took care of our house as if it were your own, and you left our entire house (not just the addition) looking better than when you started.  By removing old paint and mortar splatters and repairing other blemishes you found, our whole house looks new (not easy for a house built in 1925)."

“With your experience and focus on historic homes, you were able to guide us in making appropriate design decisions throughout the project. I valued your opinion every step of the way.”

“Everyone did quality work, and when they were done, it was perfect. No one was ‘rushing to get out of there,’ and getting people back to fix or touch up something was never a problem. You have the patience to do things right and you demanded the same of your subs.”

“Your attention to detail is matched only by my husband’s. When he discussed any imperfection with you, you had usually already noticed it and were one step ahead of him with a fix.”

“Your craftsmanship is excellent. The fireplace mantle you designed and built for us is stunning.”

"You were a dream to work with.  I don't know that we'll ever take on another project of this scope, but if we did, you would be the only person we'd call. It was a pleasure working with you."

Jennifer & John, Naperville


“When I was building a deck on the back of my house it just so happened that my next-door neighbor was having an addition built onto their house. Since I was outside a lot that summer putting in time when I could on my project, I had plenty of opportunities to observe all stages of the work being done on the house next door. Suffice it to say that I was so impressed with the quality and professionalism of the contractor doing the work, well I thought that I would definitely use this guy if I ever decided to have some work like that done on my house. That contractor was Acorn Custom Builders (Patrick A’Hearn).”

"So in 1995-1996 when we were planning a two-story addition to our house, we made sure that we had Acorn locked in as the builder.”

“The work began in 1997. The work was substantial and involved adding a full second floor and a partial third floor (attic plus additional bedroom and bathroom) to the existing one-story addition that had been tacked on to the rear of our house by the previous owners. “

"Packey worked closely with us and the architect to develop the final plans. The actual work would involve a fair amount of demolition including the removal of ceiling and roofs which would temporarily expose our house to the elements. Another factor was working with the elements of the existing house which were not exactly level or square (the original house was built circa 1917). Throughout the whole construction phase Packey took special care to get things just right as well as taking the extra steps to minimize any danger from the elements. He also made sure to keep us informed as to the pace and schedule of the work being done.
Throughout the whole construction phase Packey took special care to get things just right as well as taking the extra steps to minimize any danger from the elements.  He also made sure to keep us informed as to the pace and schedule of the work being done."

"The work was completed on budget and in a reasonable time frame.  We were very pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of the work done by Acorn Custom Builders.  In particular the trim work done inside the house was of the highest quality and matched the existing trim of the old house very well.  It has been over ten years since the completion of the project and we are still very pleased with the fine work that was done on our house.  A few years later when we decided to add a screened-in porch to the back of our house we again went with Acorn Custom Builders and once again we were very pleased with the results, in particular the trim work."

Eric & Kathy, Naperville


"We bought a three bedroom, one bath home near downtown Naperville as a newly married couple and needed more room as our family grew.  We were looking for a builder that respected our interest in preserving the architectural integrity of our Craftsman bungalow.  Acorn Custom Builders was the only contractor who didn't try to sell us "something better."  We were trying to match the interior trim and exterior lines."

"Acorn Custom Builders became our partner.  They not only shared our vision, but researched historical details and found ways to build them.  Acorn Custom Builders is committed to quality.  We're thrilled with the outcome.  Our best compliments are when friends say they can't tell there's an addition from the outside or the inside."

Gillian & Steve, Naperville


"Acorn Custom Builders did an outstanding job with the second story addition to our 100 year old Naperville home. From the beginning to the end of the process, Packey A’Hearn and Acorn Custom Builders managed, coordinated, and constructed an addition that was beautiful, functional, and fit in perfectly with the rest of the house."

"Mr. A’Hearn’s attention to detail was evident throughout this process. He coordinated design ideas and changes with our architect, managed the various sub-contractors, and was on-site every single day of construction. The job site was left clean each day, and any sub-contactors brought in were courteous and highly competent. One truly important aspect of this construction project was Mr. A'Hearn’s gentle spirit, his sense of humor, and his ability to work with and around our children and pets. He and his staff were excellent communicators and problem-solvers, paying attention to the smallest of details and building the kind of quality relationships that resulted in a quality project."

"In addition to managing the job, Mr. A’Hearn is a master woodworker and crafted all of our moldings and carpentry matching the work exactly to existing 100 year old interior and exterior trim elements. This quality work takes time, and Mr. A’Hearn took the time and evidenced the expertise to construct the exterior and interior woodwork to the highest standards. Many people have commented that our addition looks like it is original to the house, something that could only be accomplished through the level of dedication and skilled expertise that we associate with Acorn Custom Builders."

"We highly recommend Acorn Custom Builders for your project."

Susan & Ed, Naperville


"Packey A'Hearn was the general contractor for our back porch/veranda addition in 2005. The project was more than the traditional porch as we went crazy with an 850 sq ft covered design with double gazebos with very traditional columns. Our concept was for an open air Mediterranean feel with a lot of detail and Packey came through on the finish detail beyond our wildest expectations."

"Our architect recommended Acorn Custom Builders and indicated that if we could get Packey it would be worth the wait. It definitely was. He was instrumental in fixing some mistakes in the architect's drawings and talking us into more traditional brick pavers for our base versus the wood flooring previously suggested by the designer. It couldn't have worked out better."

"Packey’s attention to detail is beyond compare. We would recommend him to anyone for any home renovation without question."

Joe & Sandy, Naperville

"We heard about Acorn Custom Builders from a neighbor and contracted with them to finish our basement. We were so impressed with the quality of the work and the attention to detail, that we readily recommended Acorn to both friends and family for their remodeling needs. Over the years, Acorn completed two major additions to our home in addition to finishing the basement. We have been very pleased with their work."

Rich & Susan, Naperville


"Acorn builders built our home in 2000. We love our home. It is beautifully designed and very solidly built.  We found Acorn Custom Builders to be professional, knowledgeable, hardworking, reliable and trustworthy. We would highly recommend Acorn Custom Builders."

John & Mary, Lemont


"We wanted to to let you know how pleased we have been with the remodeling work you have accomplished for us. In today’s world it is hard to find someone who pays attention to the fine details especially the finishing details that really create the right effect. The way you finished our basement allows us to entertain guests with the feel of being in the main part of our home. The remodel of the master bath is unbelievable and has made the room more functional. Most important for us is the trust we have in you and your team -- which we find dependable, honest and fair. We continue to recommend you to our friends and are proud to show everyone our home. Rest assured we will continue to use Acorn Custom Builders. Thanks!"

Mike & Suzanne, Downers Grove