In the spring of 2015, I was privileged to be able to go on a mission trip to central Mexico to help those less fortunate.  The Mexican people in this area usually walk wherever they go, very few have vehicles.  They cultivate their fields by walking behind a single-blade plow pulled by a mule.  Their church was roughly 15 feet square and being the center of worship was much too small for the community.  The mission team's job for the week was to continue building a new church started by previous teams of missionaries.  Our team finished building the walls, installed plywood on the roof and steel roof panels, painted the entire church inside and out, and installed floor tile.  Though not completed, it was far enough along to open for Mass.  


The old church in the foreground.

Building the altar 1024.jpg

Building the altar and a shelf for the tabernacle.

Ready for the first Mass.

The local people with the mission team in their new church.  They were very appreciative of our efforts and provided a feast for all on the last day.

Hanging the crucifix with Herb.

I built the tabernacle in the shop before leaving for Mexico.   I disassembled it, packed into a suitcase, then reassembled and installed it in the church.  The wood is birch and mahogany.


End of the week for us, to be continued by the next team.